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Wolf Runner in the Office

One of our Consultants has completed another Mud/Obstacle Run recently completing the Winter Wolf Run in Leicestershire at the start of the month in under 1 hour 25 minutes which was very impressive.

The Wolf Run is a 10km mud run with around 40-50 obstacles including wading through thick mud which was up to you neck, swimming through an ice cold lake and lengthy monkey bars.

How the Wolf Run is different to other events is how we here at the BJD Group. To succeed you need team work and work rate hence the name ‘wolf run’. We differ to other Companies in the way we work as a Team, when one person needs help, we all help, when a Candidate calls in looking for a new role, we all help rather than keep things to ourselves.

I wouldn’t say we are a pack of Wolves here at the BJD Group but we have the same supporting mentality.

Here he is at the end of the race, who would be up for joining in the next race?